Types of garage door springs

It is always a heartbreaking feeling, whenever there’s a snapping sound which means that your garage door spring is broken. When you hear that sound, you should plan on how you will fix your garage door springs. This situation can become a bit complex especially if you’ve never faced that problem before.

How much it can cost, the type of spring needed, and the most suitable garage door company to use are some of the pressing questions that can pop into your mind.

We understand that they are normal issues that frequently occur and all that is needed is a five-star garage door professional to fix your garage door. The best way to handle garage door problem is by seeking professional expertise to complete this job. Additionally, do-it-yourself garage door spring repair has its own drawbacks, and the most common is that you are always at a risk of causing personal injuries when carrying out this duty.

Extension and Torsion are the two major and common types of garage door springs which mostly are used in overhead garage doors.

Both types of garage door springs are quite popular, and each has its own distinct features and qualities. The best way to decide the most fitting spring for your garage door is through research and comparison of both types of springs before coming up with one choice.

We have always recommended the two types of springs to most of the clients that approach us needing assistance.

The following are the types of garage door springs, and their distinguishing features.

Extension springs

Over the years, extension springs have been used by many homeowners. They are normally placed on top of the upper garage door tracks. When garage door opens, the springs, in turn, extend and by doing that offer a counterbalance force that steadies the garage door. One of the most important benefits of using extension spring is they are durable in nature, which makes many people use them in their garage doors.

Torsion springs

This particular type of garage door spring can use two mechanisms to operate. One is that it can open or close by stretching or through the use of a torque to aid in the opening, closing and balancing the garage door.

Both torsion and extension garage door springs are quite efficient in their functionality and if a need to replace garage door springs arises, contact us. We operate mainly in San Jose but can also provide remote access to other areas.


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