Type of garage door panels

Garage door panels refer to flat panels that are fitted between the door’s rail and stiles across the opening of the door’s width. Panels are made up of a single panel and one piece, tilt up single panel.  Panels come in a wide variety to choose from with different colour finishes, styles such as insulated, recessed, raised panels and materials to choose from such as wood, vinyl, aluminium, fibre glass among others depending on your taste and preferences.

Panels are flexible as they can be customized and allow you to change their color finish from time to time in case you get bored with the current color. They have very strong torsion and extension springs for lifting your door. They can accommodate all type of vehicles sizes due to their adequate spaces. A high quality invested door panel brings out a unique, attractive outlook to your garage. We offer quality, durable panels for all your door types and sizes. We offer you with the different types of door panels.

  • Wood garage door panels

It brings out a vintage look to your door and it’s able to fit in all door sizes as it can easily be cut to an approximate length. It requires regular servicing because it’s always sealed or painted and if it wears out or breaks down, it can end up damaging the entire door parts. At Five Star Garage Door Services, we offer affordable prices for servicing of these panels.

  •    Aluminium door panels

Just as the name suggests, it’s made from aluminum fitted with polycarbonate panels. It comes in different color finishes such as faux finish and designs to choose from. It’s easy to operate it due to its light nature.

  • Steel garage door panels

They are easy to handle because they are made of high quality, light, sturdy and not affected by any harsh climatic conditions such as high temperatures, strong wind, heavy rains, and winters. It’s affordable and requires little maintenance.

  • Vinyl garage door panels

It’s durable and known to resist cracking, denting and rusting. They do not require a lot of effort to install and require only little servicing hence long lasting.

  •   Windowed garage door panels

They are ideal if you need your garage door to be lightened up as they allow sunlight to come through them and also save you on energy and electricity bills. However, if you really want to install them, you should ensure that your garage is installed with the latest security technologies such as rolling code technology on your remote. This is because windowed panels are made of thin glasses and can allow unauthorized persons to see through hence becoming a safety and security threat to your home.

–          Make a wise decision while installing door panels in order to avoid future complains or regrets. You can call our professional for a perfect guidance on the best garage door panel.

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