The role of garage door reinforcement struts

If you own a double garage door in your homestead, then you have come across a steel bar which is located on the inside the garage door. At five-star garage door service, we call them reinforcement struts that can even be as wide as up to 16 feet; a size which can fully accommodate two cars. These steel bars are made in a u-shaped style and further attached using garage door hinges. They are made in this way for two primary reasons.

One is that garage door reinforcement struts serve as a supporter when the garage door is opened, and secondly, they provide overall support to the garage door against strong winds especially in areas that are prone to experiencing hurricanes attacks. Most garage door reinforcement struts are 57 to 60 mm wide and a hinge can either be used to attach it into position and if a hinge is not present, a steel creep can do the job. One question that should be followed is that garage door struts should never be stepped on. They can cause severe injuries, especially to children if they are used as a ladder. So the question that we are asking now is what is the purpose of garage door reinforcement struts?

Support for the garage door when its open

Some people may decide to insulate their garage doors either with polyurethane or polystyrene; while others may decide not to insulate their garage door.  It does not matter the making or the size of the garage door reinforcements struts needed to help offer support when the garage door is opened.

Additionally, double garage door size can range from 12 to 20 feet and if it is left open for a long time, it can result in bending. This problem is where the need for a garage door reinforcement strut arises most.

Support to deal with hurricanes and strong winds

Garage doors are the biggest part of homes in terms of the openings  sizes if strong winds occur they can blow away the garage door which may lead to you in carrying significant losses garage door reinforcement truth of a pro is this problem occurring

Areas like San Jose may and others that are susceptible to experience hurricanes may force you to contact a five-star garage door specialist to offer assistance. We will choose the most suitable reinforcement struts and help you with the installation process.

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