How to replace garage door springs

Springs are used in raising and lowering the garage door in order for it to open and close. However, frequent door use makes them weak. Springs exert a lot of pressure hence it is recommended to hire an expert to help you out in time as doing it alone might damage other door parts or cause a fatal accident. Springs comprise the torsion and extension springs. Extension springs are found on one side of the door’s swing out arms while the torsion springs are found on one side on the door’s frame center. At Five Star Garage Door Services, we have professionals we provide you with the simplest guide to fix new springs. Here are the steps to follow:

  •   Ensure you are safe
  1.   Before starting to replace the garage door springs, ensure that you are safe  by moving your body away from the springs and cones to avoid accidents when unwinding springs
  2.   Separate the door opener from the garage using a C-clamp to prevent the damage of other parts
  3.   Disconnect the power cord
  4.   Clutch the bars firmly
  •  Determine the length and diameter of the spring

Do this by comparing the old and new spring’s length by measuring them using a tape measure while they are in a relaxed position. Measure the inside diameter.

Note: do not attempt touching the springs or cones while measuring. It’s dangerous.

  • Remove the old springs

Here you need to be extra careful.

  1.   Ensure the door is fully locked and does not open during spring operation.
  2.   Insert a fitting bar into the cone.
  3.   Use a winding bar of length 18”to hold the springs.
  4.   Test to see if the bar fits in the winding cone.
  5.   Loosen the set screws. Ensure the wrench is tightly gripped before loosening the screws.
  6.   Carefully climb a ladder to unwind the springs using 2 winding bars.
  7.   Insert one bar into one of the holes and make sure the set screws are loosened.
  8.   Position the bar into a lower position and insert a bar into the second hole.
  9.   Repeat this process until the springs loosen and are safe to remove them.

Note: do not use pliers or screws during these processes as they do not have enough strength to hold the springs in position.

  •  Fix the new springs

Follow this step by step:

  1.   Slide the cable drum away from the plate.
  2.   Slide the spring onto the shaft. The shaft should be smooth to allow the drum and springs to slide easily, hence file the shaft.
  3.   Remove the left cable drum.
  4.   Slide the cone with the bigger hole onto the springs. The winding cones should be perpendicular to each other.
  5.   Slide the spring onto the anchor’s bracket on the door’s center.
  6.   Slide the shaft into a bearing.
  7.   Return the drum into position.
  8.   Lubricate the new springs.

At this point, your garage door is at a safe state to function well.

  •   Return other detached parts
  1.   Return the door opener back to your garage door.
  2.   Connect the opener back to the power cord.
  3.   Ensure the cable drum is back to position.
  4.   Remove the C-clamps

Following these standard instructions will help you out. We offer quality springs to our clients and replacement services by our professionals. Contact us for a quick fixation of a new spring.



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