How to maintain and weather-strip a garage door

Proper care and servicing of your door is an added advantage as it ensures your door is in perfect condition. Weather-stripping and maintenance are recommended for a strong and durable door. Invest in your door today with the best weather-strips from our company.

Door weather-stripping

Do you take time to notice the small gaps underneath and at the sides of your door? You may think that just because your door is of high quality, it does not require weather-stripping. However, all doors, whether wooden or steel require weather-stripping. This will protect your door from airflow in and out of your garage especially during winter. Wooden doors do not need weather-strip but should be sealed.

These gaps are covered with a rubber material that seals the door and the door frame. Nevertheless, continuous use of the door makes this rubber to weaken and wear out hence an additional or a new weather-strip replacement is needed. Call our professionals to help you out in making adjustments in case it gets stuck. While replacing weather-strip, you will need to follow these steps:

  1.   Remove the old weather-strip
  2.   Carefully eject the nails attached to the door’s frame using a hammer.
  3.   Replace the new strip by cutting it to an accurate length depending on your door’s size; use a handsaw or a knife to do this.
  4.   Install the headpiece followed by the sidepiece. They should be tightly installed.
  5.   Inspect and test if the weather-strip does not interfere with the door’s opening and closing. If it’s in the correct position, your door is now safe.

Door maintenance

Practicing maintaining tips saves you from the burden of broken door parts. The basic maintaining tips are:

  •  Lubricating your door parts

Ensure that you door springs, door opener, tracks, rollers, and hinges are always lubricated with a 3 in 1 lubricant. This prevents quick wearing out of door parts and rusting. Before lubricating, make sure you clean the parts. At Five Star Garage Door Services, we offer quality door lubricants that you will not regret using on your door.

  • Painting your garage door

Weather conditions that your door gets exposed to such as UV lights and rains can make your door paint to fade with time. Painting your door is NOT just a luxury factor to make it look attractive. Painting saves you from a lot of door complications. It protects your door from cracking, dirt clogging, warping and rusting which make the door to break down after a short time of installation. While repainting your door, avoid using thick heavy coats that do not bond well together; use exterior thin coats that match your door. It’s best to hire a specialist to do as they have the knowledge about door paints.

  •  Consider your door material

It’s salient to note that you should consider maintaining tips depending on your door material and your location. This is because weather conditions vary in different places and different materials need different intense care. For instance, wood doors tend to get rusting while steel door get warping hence different care needed.

  • Replace broken parts and door adjustments

In case you notice a broken spring or rollers, it’s advisable to replace them as soon as possible to avoid accidents. Make adjustments to the sensor eyes, tracks, rollers and springs if they are misaligned or loosened. This promotes proper door functioning.

Save yourself from the expense of installing a new door frequently. Follow these tips! You can consult our experts for more tips on weather-stripping and door maintenance.


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