How to install a garage door lock

One of the home part section that can be prone to play as a security threat to your safety is a garage door. This argument is particularly enhanced especially when the garage door is situated in a manner that faces the roadside or when there are no other people living nearby.

These conditions are ideal for a burglar to enter your garage room in a way that nobody can notice and in that process lose valuable items. The possibilities show the need to beef up your garage door security levels mainly when you decide to go out of town for some time.

Installing a garage door lock is a nice way to supplement an automatic garage door lock with a motive of ensuring that you don’t leave your items at a risk of being stolen.

After knowing why it’s so crucial properly locking your garage door, we will provide some easy and quick garage door locks installation techniques that will help you keep your possessions safe when you go out for a vacation next time.

The procedure is effective to both manual and automatic garage doors that use external locks. The major reason that we emphasize the need for enhancing the security levels is that locks can also quite easily be broken and the burglars get on with their business.

Manual and automatic garage door requires different supplementation techniques. For the former, you have to lock from the outside part of the garage door while the latter requires unplugging the motor if the electronic door is not programmed in a way that it cannot be opened using a scanner.   

Use of c-clamp technique  

This is one of the popular and quite easy technique to use because it doesn’t need the use of a tool to take it out when you come back.

  •         Take a c-clamp from your tools kit.
  •          Look for the exact wheel that moves when the garage door opens and closes.
  •         On top of the wheel, stiffen the c-clamp around the garage door track.

As you can see, it is an easy procedure and an access to your remote by a thief doesn’t mean that the garage will be broken into because the c-clamp cuts off all the link.

Using the bolt method

ü  Take a bolt and a nut that are of that matches each other.

ü  Locate the particular wheel in the garage door that you would like protected.

ü  At the garage door track, make a hole preferably which is bigger than the bolt.

ü  Starting from the outside direction, push in the bolt in a way that bulges into the garage door track.

ü  And then lastly use the nut to hold the bolt into position by tightening it.

Irrespective of the garage door type that you have, making additional security enforcement measures, will always keep your garage door and all possessions safe and during your vacation, you can fully enjoy the good moments.   


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