Common garage door opener problems

Do not get paranoid when your door opener refuses to work. It just needs some troubleshooting. However, before concluding the door opener is the main reason for your door refusing to open or close, you first need to ascertain that the issue is not as a result of bad condition of the springs, rollers or tracks. Do this by unplugging the opener and pull the emergency cord to see if the door functions or not.

Although door opener issues might seem easy to solve, some require professionals to do it well and avoid future complications. Here are some of the problems caused by door opener complications:

  •   Remote failure to operate the opener

First check if the motor unit and cord are plugged in or move closer to the door as the opener may refuse to open due to poor signal. If this works, its time you replace your batteries.

  •         Broken torsion springs

As you know, springs require regular adjusting and servicing as they exert a lot of pressure and can cause damage if they are broken. If not fixed in time, they may interfere with proper functioning of the door opener.

  •  Rail and trolley carriage contact

If they come into contact this may lead to opener issues. Always lubricate your rail whenever you notice it is in contact with the trolley carriage. Do not use a lubricant that comes into contact with dirt fast.

  • Partially and reversal closing and opening of the door

The garage door opener might be the issue if the close limit switch needs adjusting or the sensory beams are blocked by debris or objects hence poor door functioning. Inspect your door before calling an expert to diagnose the problem.

  •    No door movements

If your door does not move and the antenna, switch and remote are functioning, the problem might be an electric component on the door opener that needs an expert to handle it.

  •      Failure of the safety reversal feature

It has sensory beams that detect a barrier when the door is closing. It is essential because if it refuses to work, the door might hit objects hence breaking the opener or make the door to go down only after you hold the wall switch.

  • circuit board failure

Its failure is caused by lightning rain strikes and it leads to no light or sounds produced after you press the remote and push the wall switch for the door to open.

  •   Nuisance door noises

A broken door opener can cause a lot of disturbance especially if your garage is attached to your home. You may need to replace your opener or main gear drive. Do not attempt fixing this alone. It can be dangerous!

  • Wall switch failure

You should ensure there is no power disruption or an unplugged cord. You can fix it by checking and replacing either the switch or its wires if one of it is the cause of the issue.  You need to hire an expert as it requires careful fixing.

  • Sensory pad issues

If your door opener uses a keypad and fails to function, check the batteries, antenna signal or if the motor is plugged in. If they are not the issue, call our experts to ascertain if the problem is the door opener.

  • Door reversal after it touches the floor

This may be caused if the close limit switch is misaligned and needs adjusting. If it’s not working well, it makes the opener to pull back faster. Correct it!

It’s simple to solve door opener issues if you have the knowledge of what the problem is. We are always there to solve all your door opener issues. Contact us today!



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